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Flying through an open door

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The battle at the edge of the comfort zone

Three years ago, our Headteacher started the new school year by sharing a story with the staff about a fly and a window.  The premise of the story was a fly that kept crashing into a window many times when attempting to escape from a room.  Never does the fly turn around and fly out of the open door.

I work in a fantastic school with the most committed colleagues, and we do well for our children, but if we want to do even better we need to find new ways of doing things, rather than just repeating the same ones and expecting different results.  This was the message she wanted everyone to take away.

That story has always stayed with me.  I like to do things differently, I have a low boredom threshold and crave new experiences to feel fulfilled; but I have several colleagues (and friends) that find change stressful – they don’t get the same kick out of it as I do.  And sometimes, I get too hooked up in the changes and don’t have time to fully reflect on their impact on my children.

I’ve read many blog posts and tweets over the past few weeks along the lines of ‘try something new each week’ and also about looking for completely different ways of doing things (such as having less chairs than children – sorry, can’t remember whose that was!).  I like the fact that some of these new ideas people are hoping to try out don’t have an ICT focus.

So I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  This term I will be trying out one new idea that’s out of my comfort zone.  Something that I wouldn’t naturally think of doing.  I think next week that one thing may well be teaching Y3 for the first time – I’m feeling pretty out of my comfort zone already!

But as well as trying out an idea, I’m going to really think about WHY I’m trying the idea; how I hope it will improve children’s learning – and maybe pin that up on the classroom wall for me and the children to see.  I only have two days a week with the children, so maybe I’ll decide to run things over a couple of weeks.  Perhaps my job share will want to join me – I’ll soon find out how she feels about change!

And then of course I’ll make sure I reflect on it – so I’m hoping many of my posts over the next months will show how I’m progressing.

Thanks to everyone who’s inspired me – long may it continue!

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