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Time to stop

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welcome to Half Term!

Looking at the posts of other UK teachers on Twitter and Facebook, clearly this half term holiday is well overdue for many of us.  And it’s time to stop.  Well earned time to stop.

So I’m stopping.  Sort of.  I’ve not brought any work home with me, so that it isn’t sitting in my office making me feel guilty when I try to relax. But I have no wish to stop entirely; already I have been tinkering with new ideas on our learning platform and leaving messages for individual pupils to congratulate them on specific achievements over the past couple of months.  I have also enjoyed the few hours I’ve already been able to catch up with my PLN on Twitter.

However, the ease of CPD in the Twittersphere is going to require some self discipline.  I know that I do need some time to completely switch off from my role as I know that’s essential for me to be at my best when I start again.  So I’m going to try a couple of days: perhaps tomorrow and Tuesday.  No Twitter, no Learning Platform, no opening any of the ridiculous number of books on teaching, learning, attachment disorders and other work related writings I’ve purchased from Amazon so far this term.

Worryingly I’m not sure what I’ll do instead…  But there’s always the gym, or the past three months of ironing!

Wish me luck!

  1. October 24, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Oops. Accidentally started looking for another Christmas play. I should have known the Amazon app was not necessarily a work-free zone!

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