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Five ways to make the most of your half term

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I really am the LAST person to create a tips list like this as I seem to either feel like I’ve worked all through a half term or that I’ve frittered the whole week away without noticing.  However, there’s the whole ‘do as I say’ thing to go on… Anyone else’s tips gratefully received!

1. Plan to relax
Actually decide times when you are going to do nothing and then don’t feel guilty about doing so.

2. Plan to work
Again, decide when you will work, then try to stick to it.  If you can leave your work somewhere it won’t be shaking its finger at you, trying to make you feel guilty about ignoring it when you’re not working, so much the better.  This of course could be a plan to do NO work at all!

3. Look at the weather forecast
Having an idea of what the weather will be doing can be the motivation to go out and make the most of the sunshine while it’s there.

4. Try to achieve something every day
And by achieve, I just mean something you’ve felt was a good use of your time: met up with friends, spent some quality time with family, tried out a new recipe, investigated a new website, got the car MOTed! It doesn’t necessary need to be that exciting.

5. Find a way of recording what you’ve done
Over the Summer I used Memiary to record things that I’d done.  I also used it as a bit of a planning tool to decide in advance things I’d like to do.  Again these ranged from the mundane to the frivolous – generally a mix on each day!  (I really wish I’d done that this week…)

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