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Half Term round up

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Battle between relaxation and guilt

Well I managed to go out on a drive through the beautiful Berkshire countryside on Monday to make the most of a lovely day – the leaves in Windsor great park were stunning.

But other than that – well I did try to switch off.  Really I did.  And I enjoyed reading Labyrinth as part of the relaxation (and also discovering in the process of finding that link that there is a book about the goblins from the film Labyrinth!) However, I also rediscovered that actually I find books about education much more relaxing than novels as I end up completely caught up in a novel as if I’ve gone through the whole experience myself!

So now it’s Saturday and I’m working.  And I will be working tomorrow. Might it have been better to work through last weekend so that I could just rest now?  Possibly.  However I really needed to stop last weekend.  And the advantage of leaving the work until now is that I only have two days to do it. If I had started last Saturday then I could have continued working through the rest of the week.

But I managed to not feel guilty as I rested – so that was definitely one of the main aims of the week managed.  And I do feel more motivated and ready to enjoy the half term leading up to Christmas.

After all, that’s the main reason why I know that I need holidays – to recharge in order to start again with the energy levels that are essential to making a difference in school.

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