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The Power of DIY (2DIY that is!)

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I bought a 2 Do It Yourself site licence for our school a couple of BETTs ago now. It’s been used with great success in ICT Club and with our pupil editors of our learning platform.

But today started the most exciting experience so far for me.

We have been looking at metres and centimetres in Y3 and today I really wanted to reinforce the 100cm in a metre concept and encourage the children to go into simple fractions of a metre too. It’s Christmas Play rehearsal time for us at the moment so our lessons need to cater for the various stresses that brings. Yesterday using strides around the playground as approximate metres (in the rain) was a hit and seemed pretty tricky to follow.

I decided a comparably fun activity would be for the children to create a matching pairs game using metres and centimetres. To demonstrate the idea I created (in about five minutes) a simple game in 2DIY. We played it and then the children made their own paper games to practise.

But during the lesson I realised that the chance for the children to create them in 2DIY next week was the logical next step. When I asked the children for their opinion they were very excited. They had only just calmed down from realising I’d created the game just for them!

I very much look forward to seeing what they create next week – and, of course, sharing it on our learning platform.

Now if my home DIY skills were as good I might have quite a productive weekend…!

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