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Vocal Warms Ups (Teachmeet Thames Valley)

Below are ideas I hope to share at Teachmeet Thames Valley tomorrow night…!

Facial Morphing – warming up facial muscles

  1. Ask children to show extreme emotion face (e.g. happy)
  2. Then ask them to show the extreme opposite (e.g. sad)
  3. Change from one to another on a hand clap.
  4. Choose a number (8 works well).  Count slow up to that number.  On 1 children show first face then gradually change through the numbers so that by 8 they are showing the opposite face.

Weird Food Warm Up – listening

  1. Choose a food, then a colour, then an adjective (invisible, yellow carrots).
  2. Chant it in various ways with children copying (vary volume, tone, accent, speed, emotion).
  3. Sing it to simple melody and children copy (using just a couple of notes, or a familiar tune).

Yoyos – accessing high ‘head’ voice

  1. ‘Paint’ your yoyo a colour – children do so too.
  2. Mime using your yoyo while making strange yoyo noise.
  3. Children copy the yoyoing plus noise.

Yoo hoo (supermarket trolley) – accessing high ‘head’ voice

  1. All mime holding onto handle of supermarket trolley.
  2. You ‘see’ a friend at the other side of the supermarket.
  3. You reach up high to wave to them, saying ‘Yoo hoo’ in a very high voice.
  4. Then, with your hands back down on the handles, in a low voice you say, ‘It’s me.’

Toboggan – articulation

  1. Tell this tongue twister as a ‘story’ first.
  2. Teach it by copying a line at a time.
  3. Gradually increase speed.
  4. It can also be done as a two-part round (2nd part starting before ‘but’)

To begin to toboggan
first buy a toboggan
But don’t buy too big a
Too big a toboggan is
Not the toboggan to
Buy to begin to

Mr Plasticine – experimenting with voice

  1. Tell the story of Mr Plasticine, adding in lots of sound effects that the children perform as you tell it.
    (lift bell, going up a lift, bumping into things, jumping, setting off a fire extinguisher – use your imagination).

1-2-3-4-5 – singing in parts

Use the numbers 1 to 5 to represent the first five notes of a scale (do – re – mi – fa – so if you know The Sound of Music!) Use the following note combinations, teaching to whole group, then smaller groups to combine them.  Initially just try two parts at a time and build up gradually.






Useful Sources of warm up ideas

Sing Up


Banana Splits

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