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Hello out there

So it’s been almost six months since my last post.

I decided against pursuing the wish posts, partly because it was unmanageable and also because it seemed likely that those of you who read The Reall Battle might not be that interested in your feeds being clogged up with them!

So I’ve now spent six months out of the classroom, in a job I absolutely love, working with some fantastic people and on a steeper learning curve than I’ve been climbing for many years. Hasn’t left me much time for blogging and many of the things I used to blog about are no longer priorities for me.

I considered stopping this blog altogether, but have decided I am still in a daily battle against many things, not least of which is the battle between keeping my thoughts and ideas as an inner monologue – often while I’m in the shower! – and sharing my thoughts online via Twitter, Facebook and (although rarely now) Google+

So I’m going to continue this blog, but it will be less specific than before, more a place for random musings that I feel need to be extracted from my head. Learning will still be a major focus as that’s still a pivotal element of my life both in and out of work, but it may not be the only thing I focus on here.

So if you wish to unsubscribe, I quite understand. It seemed only fair to give you a warning. And I’m afraid I’m no more likely to be regularly posting than I ever have been before – my life often doesn’t seem to leave much room for it – sometimes the only time/ space for monologues is in the shower – and I really don’t think any of us want to contemplate joining those!

So we shall see what happens… Thanks for listening.

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  1. July 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Good to see you are having fun with the new job. You post when you want to – we’ll still be here!

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