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Teaching typing

August 26, 2010 4 comments

Not actually a battle between handwriting and typing
This post was inspired by a Twitter discussion this week between, amongst others, @oliverquinlan, @APrimaryNQT, @tomhenzley and @KnikiDavies on the merits of handwriting and word processing.

Despite the humble word processor being one of the ICT tools that has been in use in schools the longest, it can often be one of the most poorly used opportunities; and at the heart of this lies pupils’ lack of speed when typing. Read more…

Work-life balance

August 21, 2010 2 comments

Am I the only one battling to switch off?

My ten days with Twitter has inspired me and reminded me that teaching is far more than a job as far as I’m concerned.  Which is a good thing.  I think…

But I’m beginning to wonder whether there’s a problem with all this educational enthusiasm that I have been treating myself to recently. Read more…

Twitter one week on

August 19, 2010 Leave a comment

So I’ve now been using Twitter for a whole week.  I’ve heard lots about it in the past – generally from people I considered quite ‘techy’ and often about using it in the classroom.  Nothing that I’d heard ever made me consider it was an avenue I was that desperate to wander down – more a slightly suspect alley that didn’t look at all appealing, even for a tentative stroll. Read more…

Decisions, decisions

August 14, 2010 2 comments

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about starting a blog. Indeed this isn’t the first blog I’ve started; but this time it feels different. It feels like I need to do it. In my head I’ve been having so many monologues that sound like they should be written down, including one on whether I should blog or not.

So today I’ve done it. I’ve made the decision. And I really hope that it was the right one; otherwise here’s just one more one post blog out there littering the virtual communication universe.

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